Providing the right tools, skills and mindsets for people succeed when leaving an organisation

We have helped countless people move on in their careers ….

It is about working with the individual, understanding their needs and then helping them through a very personal, as well as emotional process.

We compliment and dovetail any consultation process in order to ensure organisatons and their people get the best from the experience.

The service focuses on providing organisations and their employees with:

  • CV & Resume writing coaching – helping people to create professional CVs or resumes that make the right first impression
  • Professional social media profiles – teaching people how to build an effective online presence that will have an impact both immediately and longer term to improve their employment prospects
  • Employment seeking – helping people plan and then create opportunities through looking in the right places and making the right connections to gain employment
  • Interview guidance – helping people understand how to approach, handle and use techniques to succeed at interview
  • Networking – teaching people how to connect with the wider world, both on and offline
  • Connecting the network – coaching people on how to build effective and trusted connections with other professionals, potential employers and respected recruiters so they can create long term opportunities

Whatever level of service provided, the individual is always at the heart of the solution. We therefore offer a variety of outplacement services that could be tailored to individuals or for large groups in classroom settings.

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Our Services

Career Transition

We'll craft the right CV or resume that will help you secure the job or opportunity you want.

Digital HR

Advise on how to protect your online image, engage & work with others online & build upon your personal brand

People Management

We ensure you get the right impact or influence that delivers what you need to make the right impression.


We will help you or your employees transition to new opportunities


We can help you understand what talent means in your business and how to build effective frameworks for success

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