Coaching Managers and HR to enhance effective people management

We work with managers, HR teams and businesses to help manage their people effectively

People management is not something that comes easily to everyone. It often takes time to learn through experience and many learn the hard way by making mistakes. HR is not a department or a function, but a capability that starts with the line manager. go2 therefore works with managers and leaders to help understand and develop good people management practices at all levels of the organisation.

Examples of this could include:

  • Working with small businesses to help them understand the legal implications of being a manager of people, but also helping foster good people management practices to enhance the organisatioal culture
  • Developing people management frameworks and practices (as well as HR policies and procedures) that are both compliant and appropriate to the business
  • Advising businesses on effectively implementing an HR model or identifying and engaging an HR oursource service to meet their business needs in terms of cost, compliance and requirement
  • Working with HR teams to help train managers in their organisation to be good people managers through effective coaching
  • Partnering with HR teams to assess and audit people practices, align the HR strategy and build new HR service models
  • Coach and mentor HR teams and professionals to help them develop their confidence and capabilities
  • Providing advice and guidance to organisations and HR teams when selecting and implementing HR technologies
  • Advising businesses on sensitive HR cases and upskilling managers to be able to handle these kinds of situations confidently and capably
  • Providing impartial grievance investigation expertise to organisations that focuses on positive outcomes for all parties

We use our experience and expertise to tailor coaching and advisory solutions to fit the needs of your organisation.

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