Digital HR

Helping organisations and HR teams to understand the benefits of social technology when managing and developing people

When utilised and applied in the right way, digital technologies could be argued to be a necessary part of achieving success in our technologically driven society. However, whilst the lion’s share of the focus tends to be put on the marketing or customer engagement piece, the real value of social technology for business and organisations could in fact lie in creating enterprise networks that leverage talent, knowledge and expertise – both inside and outside the organisation.

go2 partners with organisations and HR teams to help understand and create value through social technology across the organisation. These could include:

  • Social Recruitment – understanding how to use social media to recruit effectively and develop strategic talent channels, often at zero cost
  • Social Learning – building simple social learning tools and models to help create an organisation that develops its people at minimal cost
  • Social Performance – help organisations and HR understand how appraisals processes can be adapted to be more engaging through using social technologies that enhance performance, learning and development not just annually but constantly
  • Social Engagement – helping organisations and HR work more flexibly and collaboratively to harness talent and employee engagement
  • Apps for HR – working with HR to look at adapting, creating or utilising apps as part of the HR service
  • HR Systems – providing advice and support to HR teams identifying, selecting and implementing HR systems

Digital HR is a new way of doing better people management and HR through connecting people and technology across a spectrum of diverse sectors.

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