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There are many reasons …. but here are just a few ….

About go2 as a concept and it's founder

The go2 concept is about being a trusted advisor (to businesses, organisations and HR teams) through providing effective people management expertise, experience and access to an expansive support network that can enhance both individual and organisational capability. This is achieved through developing and applying tailored coaching, advisory and consulting support via two key themes – People and Practices.

People – this is about creating confident and capable people management skills within organisations through tailored coaching, advsory and mentoring initiatives.

Practices – this about is about crafting and creating the right practices that combine technology, culture and people frameworks in order to create a positive working environment where people are empowered and engaged.

About the Founder – Giles O’Halloran:

  • Giles is considered by many as a “goto” person when it comes to work and people related advice, assistance or support
  • He possesses 18 + years experience of working in Recruitment, HR and Talent as a CIPD qualified professional
  • He works with the CIPD to develop and deliver training for the next generation of HR professionals
  • He has developed an extensive professional network based on personal and productive relationships
  • He has worked in a number of countries and in global virtual teams
  • He has worked with over 200 execs, professionals and organisations alike as a trusted advisor, coach, mentor and business partner
  • Spent a number of years writing as a columnist on the world of work and employment for a leading careers publication
  • Contributed as a guest blogger on business, futurist and work related topics
  • Possesses 90+ published LinkedIn recommendations from people he has supported, coached or advised over the years

…………. It is evident he has helped people and organisations with more than just words on a website


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Our Services

Career Transition

We'll craft the right CV or resume that will help you secure the job or opportunity you want.

Digital HR

Advise on how to protect your online image, engage & work with others online & build upon your personal brand

People Management

We ensure you get the right impact or influence that delivers what you need to make the right impression.


We will help you or your employees transition to new opportunities


We can help you understand what talent means in your business and how to build effective frameworks for success

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